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The Club signs an international sponsorship agreement aimed to bring the Green and Whites global fan experience into a new dimension, using the best of web3 technologies.

Real Betis and Avatarz have signed an agreement to create a brand new fan experience based on web3 technology, which will allow all the Bticos to live unique and premium experiences in both virtual and real world, thanks to their engagement and support for the team.

This agreement offers a new perspective to the Green and White institution, introducing the release of unseen virtual spaces and experiences for the club.

Real Betis fans will be able to create their digital fan identity, generate a unique avatar and to show their support and get rewarded with exclusive virtual collectibles through the next seasons.

They will have the opportunity to access Metaverse interactive experience called Bticos fanzone and will have the possibility to virtually collect different official products, and wear their avatars with those assets.

Among many exclusive VIP experiences they can obtain through their participation in this project, they might be able to walk into the heart of the Benito Villamarn on a match day, receive players signed shirts and game tickets, and other utilities brought by their avatars support.

Ramn Alarcn, Real Betis business general manager, showed his satisfaction for closing a deal that will take Real Betis a step further into the virtual universes environment.

Real Betis continue taking new steps into the Digital Era by entering the Metaverse and now, alongside a very innovative and international company, such as Avatarz. Our idea is to grow and get the Web3 world closer to our fans through different exclusive experiences. We are seeing how the world of sports progress in this new world, from big football clubs to great tennis tournaments. We are sure that these virtual Real Betis spaces and the possibility to interact with them is going to be very appealing to our fans, Alarcn stated.

Xavier Francisci, AVATARZ Chairman and Co-Founder shares the enthusiasm of Real Betis clubs direction:

We are really happy to sign this partnership with Real Betis, I honestly think that we couldnt have found a better partner than Real Betis Balompi, cause their fans are among the most engaged and passionate that we ever met.

Simon Rames, General Manager of AVATARZ added:

Our product will allow them to bring their passion into the digital world with unique and very innovative technologies, and to create their digital fan identity to collect many official products simply by supporting their club and participating and attending virtual events.

They will be able to meet Betis players, both in special Fanzone and Metaverses experiences, and benefits from a disruptive experience that will be accessible to anyone, without technical friction.

The web3 is a term used to describe the new evolution of the web, using the best of blockchain technology to create new kinds of user-centric and community driven experiences.

The Metaverse is a generic term to describe virtual and interactive experiences where in our case fans can build a digital identity creating their own personal avatars, and start exploring new ways to support the club, by collecting virtual assets and interacting with other users, purchasing digital products, playing games?

Avatarz is a web3 company based in Switzerland, specialized in innovative and groundbreaking technologies. The company has developed a dynamic avatar platform suite based on NFTs and offering virtual experiences, with the ambition to pave the way to new loyalty programs, strengthen the user-brand relationship and enhance digital customer experiences.

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